We have great pleasure to present you cooperation and live performances offer.

Krzysztof Golonka "Clyde", World Freestyle Football Champion 2011/2012 (The Best Shows) , deals with freestyle football for many years. He has had the chance to present his abilities in many places all over the world (countries such as Austria (Euro 2008, Vienna), Egypt (Hurghada - Tia Height Makadi), the Czech Republic (Brno, Jihlava) and Croatia (Dubrovnik, Trogir) and many more).

He was a guest in TV shows and radio broadcasts. Many articles about him appeared in many magazines like ("#5 Magazine" - by Rio Ferdinand, "The Times", "Rzeczpospolita")

In November 2009 Krzysztof gave a live show before 6-million audience in popular TV show "Got Talent!". In semifinal he won the second place in sms voting (3% - difference in votes compared to the winner).

We invite you to familiarize with the offer.
There are several options of using Krzysztof's abilities.
The most popular one is Freestyle Football live performances.

If you would like to promote or advertise your company, to shoot a short movie, commercial or music video, to prepare an advertising campaign...

If you are organizing an event, conference, presentation, gala, corporate events, company's event, football tournament, outdoor event, concert, new place or structure opening, product presentation, football match...

And would you like to make your event more attractive? Make your audience stunned? And thanks to that to advertise your company by talented Professional Football Freestyler with many years experience as a performer.

If yes - you've just reached the right person. Krzysztof Golonka is available for various promotional activities of your company. His live performances are always great spectacle and show, precisely composed in the bar of rhythmical music, during which all types of freestyle football are presented:

  • AIR - standing position (ex. LATW - double circle with a leg around the kicked ball)

  • SITDOWN - or lying position (ex. Solle Juggles - kicking a ball with the bottom of feet)

  • UPPER - tricks using head, hands, chest.

  • GROUND - ball on the ground (ex. Akki, Hocus Pocus, Elastico)

  • SPECIAL - the show is also enriched with unique acrobatic and breakdance elements and different requisites

Participation in the most prestigious events!

Krzysztof's potential and skills can be proved by both the number and the prestige of the performances he gave during greatest galas. He appeared before the greatest TV and sports stars. He participated in such events like Euro 2012 Logo Presentation, Sports "Oscars" Canal+, National Stadium - the celebration of the end of the first stage of building. Interviews, performances, football tricks trainings were presented in many TV stations and radio broadcasts.

Apart from performances, there is an opportunity of running football tricks trainings with audience involvement, carrying out mini - contests. Krzysztof can be available in the agreed place for given period of time, where he can give a piece of advice to the spectators. The spectators can also try freestyle football there.

We are open to various proposals.
All details can be negotiable.

We invite you to Contact division.

Here you will find the list of selected performances that were given by Krzysztof in Poland:
  • "Polish National Stadium" - the celebration of the end of the first stage of building - Warsaw"
  • "Canal+, Football Oscar Awards - Great Theatre in Warsaw (TV live)"
  • "Official Presentation: Logo of the European Football Championship EURO 2012, Warsaw"
  • "Pepsi Kick OFF 2010" Warsaw"
  • "Final of Fifa Interactive World Cup 2010, Warsaw"
  • "The Final "Sport against the violence" big nationwide TV campaign, Warsaw"
  • "Illumination of the logo of the European Football Championship 2012: 900 days before EURO2012, Poznan
  • Charity Football Fatch: TVN Stars vs Politicians, Legia Warsaw Stadium with 30 000 audience
  • "Presentation of the top Polish Football teams: Legia Warszawa, Polonia Bytom, Odra Wodzisław
  • "International Football Tournament Szczecin PZPN Cup" Szczecin
  • "Canon Press Conference" - Marriott Hotel, Warsaw
  • "Red Bull Street Style" Warsaw
  • "Coca Cola Christmas Party" Warsaw
  • "The Gala of the Winners 2009", "Dekada" Warsaw
  • "POLISH GOT TALENT!" - live TV show, Warsaw, Katowice
  • "International Football Tournament HDS Polska, Warsaw"
  • "International Football Competition Energa Cup Ostrołęka
  • "Best Sportsman of the Year Awards" - "Krakowska The Times" Newspaper"
  • "International Festival Karapty Offer, Nowy Sacz, Muszyna
  • "Good Morning TVN live in TV" Warsaw
  • "The series of openings of footbal pitches Orlik 2012"
  • "World Cup RPA - company's internal event for BP, Kielce
  • and other.

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